Trayvon Martin 3: Spin on Trayvon

So fine, so fine the web you spin,
I come too close and I'm caught again!
In the web of wild design,
I do not know what fate is mine!
All the day sit and spin,
Spin your web and you draw me in.
Spin, spin, spin, spin!
     --Gordon Lightfoot, “Spin, Spin”

My first impression of this case was that the media was trying to spin the issue as a rogue vigilante white man pursuing and gunning down an innocent little black youth who was running desperately to save his life.  (Run, black Forrest, run!)  Why else would they run the following photo set, images of both taken several years ago? 
The shooting was February 26, but major news coverage began around March 8.  The family had no current images of Trayvon?  What first impressions did you get when looking at this display?

Now let's experiment by using more recent photos of the two, using an image Trayvon used on his Twitter account.
If that had been the first image set that you had seen, what would your first impression have been about who might be the more menacing of the two?

Now let's look at a photo set of two people not associated with this shooting.
What was your first impression?  Who looks more menacing?  The image on the left is Stephen King, popular writer; the image on the right is Ted Bundy, serial killer.  See how this game is played?  

In later sections I will deal with who is behind the spin, predominantly left wing media and left wing movements.  In the next post I debunk the premise that Trayvon was attempting to avoid George with a detailed timeline analysis: Trayvon Martin 4: Trayvon Lies in Wait.

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